Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

The Special Services Team coordinates the evaluation, monitoring, and implementation of special education services for iLEAD Exploration learners. Learners who meet the criteria for special education have an IEP (Individualized Education Program). The Special Services Team also works in conjunction with our staff members to offer accommodation ideas and recommend referrals to special education assessment when merited. These learners typically need classroom and testing accommodations and/or modifications as well as direct instruction from a certificated and/or licensed specialist via Skype or in person. Independent study needs to be determined as an appropriate placement by an IEP team and must be written into the IEP by the “sending” school.

Learners who are currently served in this type of independent study program have qualified for one or more of the following disabilities:

  • Autism;
  • Hearing impairment (hard of hearing);
  • Multiple disabilities;
  • Orthopedic impairment;
  • Other health impairment;
  • Specific learning disability;
  • Speech or language impairment
  • Visual impairment (not blindness)

Please contact our Special Education Coordinator to discuss your learner’s eligibility disability if it is not listed. All independent study programs are voluntary. The California of Department of Education states that the option to take courses via independent study must be continuously voluntary. EC Section 51747(c)(7); 5 CCR 11700(d)(2)(A).”A

In addition, learners with IEPs cannot participate in independent study unless it is deemed an appropriate instructional placement. The CDE provides explicit rules regarding the admission of learners with IEPs into independent study:

A. Special education learner may not participate in independent study unless it is specified as an instructional method in their individualized education program (IEP). EC Section 51745(c)

B. Independent study charter schools must enroll all learners who meet the enrollment requirements set in their charter.

C. For a learner who has an IEP and wants to participate in independent study, a determination as to whether independent study is appropriate must be made within thirty days and written into the IEP.

Section 504 Accommodations plans are also managed by the Special Education Department. These plans are available to learners who have documented disabilities and need classroom and testing accommodations. There are no direct services available through Section 504 Plans.