Transitional Kindergarten – 8th Grade

iLEAD Explorations is committed to partnering with families to personalize the education of each individual learner.  The EF, parent and learner can work together to customize the program to meet the learner’s unique needs.  Our learners in grades TK – 8 cover four core academic areas of study:  Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  They must also meet Physical Education requirements as per the state.

We recognize that all learners learn in different ways and at different speeds, and have different talents, abilities, learning styles, background experiences and aspirations. To accommodate for this enormous learner diversity, we support a flexible, individualized education.

As important as “what” children learn is “how” they learn. Within our independent study program, TK-8th grade learners can work exclusively at home or take advantage of our hybrid learning centers if one is available in their geographical area. When appropriate, learners may also participate in on-line learning programs. Some examples of on-line programs learners may utilize to enhance their learning experiences are: Brain Pop, IXL, Khan Academy, Discovery Streaming and more.

Parents that enroll their TK-8th grade learners in our program will accept responsibility for their children’s education. iLEAD will support its learners and parents with an Education Facilitator and instructional funds to design a unique education program. Families and Educational Facilitators will select instructional materials based on alignment with the school’s standards-based learning outcomes and educational philosophy and the needs of the individual learner. The parent and Educational Facilitator will use the instructional funds to select materials and services that promote active, purposeful engagement with educational content.  iLEAD Exploration provides a learning program that follows independent study regulations and promotes developing the whole child and life-long learners.