Parents Expectations


You have made an important choice selecting iLEAD Exploration for your child’s education. It’s essential to recognize that iLEAD is a school of choice. Although we are a public school and available to everyone, ours is an independent study model, and should not be taken lightly. We are excited that you have made the choice to provide your child with the flexibility and options that iLEAD believes in, while making sure he/she is prepared and equipped for this unique educational environment where parents and learners are very actively involved in the child’s education.


New Family Orientation: Families are highly encouraged to attend the Orientation Session.  We will provide information on the time and location of the Orientation Session.

Handbook: Parents are required to read the Parent Handbook and sign the Acknowledgement page.  Your Educational Facilitator (EF) will provide the information at your initial meeting.

Daily Instruction: The parent or legal guardian will work in partnership with the EF throughout the year. Learners are expected to participate in educational activities and to demonstrate continuous progress throughout the year.

Attendance / Activity Log:  Parent or learner must ensure accurate and complete attendance. Chronic absences (reflected by blank logs) may result in withdrawal from the school.  A single detailed activity of work completed that day needs to be entered under each day of the learning period.  This is a mandatory requirement.  At the end of the 20 day learning period, it should be printed and given to the EF along with work samples.

Learning Plans: The learner’s Independent Learning Plans (ILP) are developed in partnership with the EF. It will include all the courses the learner will be taking. Amendments to the plan should be discussed with the EF.

Testing: We will provide a facility and teachers/proctors to conduct the testing. Parents will be notified of testing by their EF.  Tests include:

  • SBAC – Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium – 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 11th grade.  Spring
  • CST Science – 5th, 8th, 10th grade. Spring
  • PSAT – 10th grade. Fall
  • SAT – 11th grade. Spring. (To meet the state college entrance exam requirement, Juniors may take the ACT, if they prefer. Spring.)
  • CAHSEE – California High School Exit Exam, starting at 10th grade until passed.  Spring (May be revised pending Senate Bill 172 )
  • PPFT – Presidential Physical Fitness Test – 7th and 9th grade.  Spring

Learning Period Meetings:  Learners and parents must participate in regularly scheduled learning period (LP) meetings approximately every 20 days.  At these meetings the EF will:

  • Review all necessary paperwork such as samples, activity logs and other documents.
  • Provide support and guidance to both the parent and the learner on home study matters.
  • Discuss learning for the next 20 learning period days.
  • Interact with the learner as the learner demonstrates or discusses any learning that took place during the previous learning period.  This is a great way to show the EF all that a learner has learned during that 20-day learning period! Learners are encouraged to bring several assignments to “show off” their amazing learning experiences to their EF.
  • Deliver any products that were ordered.

Monthly Work Samples: Learners in grades TK-12 will provide quality work samples to their EF each month. Learner’s work samples will show academic progression through the curriculum, and should include written feedback from the parent or outside instructor. This mandatory requirement must be brought to the EF every 20 day at the learning period (LP) meetings.

Ongoing Communication with Teacher: Teachers and parents are partners in the education of each child. It is critical to check your email account daily and respond to any emails or phone calls within two school days. Communication can take place via phone calls, a face-to-face meeting, online or an exchange of emails.

Notification of Changes: Parents are required to notify the Registrar of any changes in contact information (address, phone number, etc.) as soon as possible.

School Materials and Property:  Parents need to instruct learners to care for and respect any materials purchased by the school for learner use and must return any non-consumable items in good condition after they have completed using them or when they withdraw from the school.

Annual Curriculum Return: At the end of each school year, parents will return any curricular non-consumable materials that are no longer being used.  If learners are not returning to iLEAD, they must return all non-consumable materials to the school within 3 days of withdrawing.