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Learner Spotlight: The Hingco Family

The Hingco brothers, Isaac and Ben, are active collaborators in their own education, and being learners with iLEAD Exploration allows them to pursue and study the subjects that they are…

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Learner Spotlight: The Brown Family

Meet the adventure-seeking Brown family! This family’s ultimate goal is to fully experience the world and to take their place as citizens of the world. This family of learners seeks…

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Rhys and Ian Moffitt - Park - March 2019

Learner Spotlight: The Moffitt Brothers

Standard brick and mortar schools were simply not a good fit for Rhys and Ian Moffitt. Fortunately, these two brothers have been happily homeschooling for the past 2½ years with…

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Learner Spotlight: Harper & Jett Carney

If you happen to be looking for the Carney family, chances are you will find them outdoors. This sweet family of young iLEAD Exploration learners has fully embraced the adventure…

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Learner Spotlight: Anna Zielke

iLEAD Exploration learner Anna Zielke is an outgoing and active 8th grader whose passions are acting and performing. She has been involved in the theater on and off since she…

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Learner Spotlight: Noah & Sky Naishtut

The Naishtut family has taken full advantage of their first year with iLEAD Exploration. Noah, 7th grade, and Sky, 4th grade, are excelling not only in their academics, but in…

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Learner Spotlight: The McLaughlin Family

The McLaughlins are longtime homeschoolers who appreciate the freedom to pursue their passions and learn what interests them. Both Owen and Tess McLaughlin appreciate the flexibility to shape their own…

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Learner Spotlight: The Theule Family

The four Theule family learners are adventurers who love exploring nature, reading great books, playing music, and chasing curiosity wherever it may lead. They can regularly be found conducting experiments,…

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Learner Spotlight: The Strawn Family

The Strawn family loves to learn! Owen (4th grade), Ryder (2nd grade), and Molly (kindergarten) are curious and love to explore and discover. The family enjoys taking field trips and…

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Learner Spotlight: Lana Tapson

Meet Lana, a joyful iLEAD Exploration kindergartener with a passion for dinosaurs and all things sweet! Her sweet tooth led her to start her own chocolate shop at the age…

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Learner Spotlight: The Huang Family

Meet the multi-talented Huangs! Logan (grade 6) and Delphine (grade 5) are quite the impressive duo! Whether it be martial arts, speaking French fluently, learning Mandarin, playing piano or practicing…

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Learner Spotlight: Maliah Siyoum

Maliah is a bright, friendly 6th grader who has been diving into her first year of homeschooling! Her favorite things to do are watch anime, visit Japantown in Los Angeles,…

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Learner Spotlight: Blake and Sydney Brower

Blake (1st grade) and Sydney (3rd grade) are a multi-talented brother/sister duo who have quite an impressive list of talents. Blake and Sydney excel as iLEAD Exploration learners. Their hard…

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Learner Spotlight: Griffin Loch

iLEAD Exploration learner Griffin Loch is 15 years old and has written, produced, directed, and edited two feature-length films. iLEAD Exploration has given him the latitude to pursue his passion…

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Owen and Hunter Steinberg

Learner Spotlight: The Steinberg Family

The Steinberg family, aka “the Reptile Family”, has a passion for animals and nature. iLEAD Exploration learners Owen (12) and Hunter (6) help care for the many reptiles, amphibians, and…

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Learner Spotlight: Melissa Termini

Our learner spotlighted this week prefers to address you directly: My name is Melissa, and I am an 11th grader in iLEAD Exploration. Except for some time in preschool, I…

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Koiter Family

Learner Spotlight: Koiter Family

The Koiter family — whose family motto is “We’re not quitters! We’re Koiters!” — are busy with many amazing projects and varied interests. Miles, Lennon, and Everly Koiter are working…

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Learner Spotlight: Mariah Cruz

iLEAD Exploration learner Mariah Cruz (11th grade) has made a comeback in the last innings of the epic game of high school. Mariah enrolled in iLEAD Exploration last summer and…

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Learner Spotlight: The Ray Sisters

The Ray sisters — Scarlett (4th grade) and Carley (1st grade) — love that learning is an endless discovery. These learners often get lost in their topics of study, whether…

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Longhenry feature pic

Learner Spotlight: The Longhenry Family

The Longhenry family includes learners Ella (3rd grade), Nate (6th grade), Maia (8th grade), and Julianna (10th grade). They are eclectic homeschoolers with classical roots and a bent towards social…

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Learner Spotlight: Carlos Carballo

Soccer is 14-year old iLEAD Exploration learner Carlos Carballo’s passion. He plays on three different teams in a variety of positions and has been chosen as team captain on two…

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Learner Spotlight: The Carey Family

There’s never a dull moment in the Carey household of eight! Whether designing graphics for t-shirts or crafting with wood, they are bursting with curiosity and can always be found…

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Learner Spotlight: Brycen Barnhart

iLEAD Exploration 6th grader Brycen Barnhart is an animal lover who has 11 pets (so far!), including a box turtle, a ball python, and a very sweet lab named Sammy….

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Learner Spotlight: The Dixons

The Dixon family is passionate about cooking and reading and music and sports. When Sylvester I (14), Sylvester E (12) and Emerald (11) are not reading voraciously or focusing on…

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