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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00


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MAP Growth Testing

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Hello, Families!

MAP Growth testing is under way, and families are loving the convenience of being able to test from their own homes!

The purpose of MAP Growth testing is to …
– determine your child’s educational levels to guide your instruction.
– measure your child’s academic growth throughout the school year.
– observe academic growth from year to year.

This free and highly regarded tool is one that iLEAD highly encourages you to take advantage of. It allows educational facilitators and parents to team together to develop an instructional plan that focuses on each child’s individual growth and achievement.

Please let your EF know if you would like to participate in this great opportunity.

2016-2017 State Testing Results


State testing scores were mailed out this week to families with children who participated in the CAASPP state testing. Now posted on the California Department of Education (CDE) website is a video entitled “Understanding Your 2016–17 Student Score Report.” Approximately five-minutes in length, this video is an excellent resource for families to gain a better understanding of the 2016–2017 Student Score Report, which details your child’s standardized testing results.


State Testing

Thank you to all the families who have already signed up for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). Testing is in the month of May, so if you have any questions about signups, locations and/or times, please contact your educational facilitator.

State Testing

Last week, a letter was sent about our upcoming state testing. The dates and lations for testing are:











In the next two weeks, an email will be sent to sign up for the best date and location for your family. Thank you in advance for your help to make this year’s CAASPP tests successful. For additional information about the tests, please visit here . If you have any further questions, please contact your educational facilitator.

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)

Dear Families,

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) testing is under way, and families are enjoying the feedback to help guide instruction for their learners! If you are interested in learning more, please visit last week’s Monday Message here, and contact your educational facilitator for more information.

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)

Dear Families,

iLEAD is offering Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) testing for all iLEAD learners during the last two weeks of January. This free test assesses learners in the areas of math, reading and/or language arts skills. The best part about MAP® testing is that it can be taken from your home! The test scores will not be shared with outside institutions, and the scores will help guide instruction with your child.

Traditionally, MAP® testing is done in brick and mortar schools to create instructional groups, celebrate growth and identify learning gaps. After looking at this assessment, we saw how this test could benefit homeschoolers. MAP® testing provides in-depth results, and the test calibrates as your child takes it so that the questions get easier or harder depending on how your child answers the questions.

At the end of the test, you will immediately receive a RIT score that can be used in a variety of ways. You will also be provided with several different reports where the test results are broken down by concept. You will be able to use this information to tailor your instruction at home.

You will also receive a Lexile range that you can use to find books at your child’s appropriate reading level. Use this Lexile website to enter in the range and the types of books your child likes to read, and it will populate a list of books that are the appropriate reading level with genres that your child enjoys. You can also look up books by series and Lexile score at Kids Book Series.

Another great outcome of taking the MAP® test is that you can use the RIT scores on Khan Academy to find lessons that are tailored to the exact problems for which your child needs more support. To preview some sample lessons with RIT scores, visit MAP® to Khan Academy. At the bottom left corner, click on your child’s grade level range (6+, 2-5 or primary). From there, scroll down and view all of the lessons that Khan has created that correlate with the concepts that your child is ready to learn.

If you would like your child to take the MAP® test, check out these practice questions. MAP® for Primary Grades is for grades K-second, and the regular MAP® is for grades three and up. If you feel like your second grader is advanced, he/she could take the regular MAP® test, and if you have a third or fourth grader who is a struggling reader, he/she could take the MAP® for primary grades. Again, the results are for you to use and the test taken should be the best test for your child.

Please let your educational facilitator know if you would like your child to take the MAP® test. They will set up a time with you when your child(ren) can take the test from your home. Additionally, you may take one, two or three of the tests over a several-day period. The tests are not long, and you may pause the test and take it on more than one day.

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)

For those of you who signed up for mid-year MAP® testing, the testing window will be open between January 18 and January 31. Your EF will be in touch with you soon to coordinate testing times for your learners. This free and informative measure of growth will be taken online from the convenience of your own home, and you may still sign up! Please complete the following form (one for each learner you are registering) to indicate your interest in MAP testing.

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)

It is time to sign up for mid-year MAP® testing! This free and informative measure of growth will be taken online from the convenience of your own home! Please complete the following form (one for each learner you are registering) to indicate your interest in MAP testing. After registering, you will be contacted with information on test dates and times. For more detailed information on MAP testing, please see the informational video available here!

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)

Parents, are you interested in learning more about our upcoming MAP® testing and how to interpret your child’s results? This resource provides helpful information on all things MAP®! A sign-up will be sent soon for our January testing.

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)

Excellent news! iLEAD Exploration is excited to offer our families free testing in both January and at the end of the 2016-2017 school year! Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each learner’s educational level. You’ll have assessment data –and essential information about what each learner knows and is ready to learn — within 24 hours. Additionally, this testing can be done from the convenience of your home! For more information about the MAP® test, visit here .

State Assessments

Thank you to all learners who participated in state assessments these past few weeks. We are very proud of you! Summative assessment results will be sent to your home (most likely in the late summer or fall) and will include learner scores, achievement levels, and descriptors of performance. These assessment results are only one of several tools used to measure a learner’s academic performance in ELA/literacy and mathematics. The results are most appropriately interpreted alongside other available information about a learner’s academic achievement, including such measures as assignments and grades, tests, report cards, and facilitator feedback. It is one measure of many to help guide your instruction next year!

State Assessments

Hello, Dear Families!

State assessments are under way, and we would like to thank all learners who are participating. We know they will do a great job, and we are very proud of all of our families! If you have any questions about dates, times or location, please contact your EF for additional information.

State Testing Sign-Up

If you haven’t already, please remember to sign up for state testing as soon as possible. To reserve the best testing dates for your family, click here. Registration for the testing location will close May 6. Thank you for your participation in state testing.

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