iLEAD Exploration Remains Open Virtually for Learners

iLEAD Exploration continues to operate its independent study model in an entirely virtual format. Click here for resources.

Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

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NEW! Middle and High School Volunteer and Leadership Program


Beginning Nov. 1, iLEAD Exploration learners have the opportunity to participate in Lion’s Heart’s teen volunteer and leadership organization. Learners who join this program will receive local community service projects year-round, have the ability to track each volunteer hour as early as sixth grade (through graduation), and build their volunteer transcript and portfolio showing hours served by cause, awards earned and leadership roles. Learners will also have access to great ideas for self-initiated volunteer opportunities and college scholarships for extraordinary community service.

To get started, place a $149 service request order for Lion’s Heart with your educational facilitator. Once you receive a student code from your educational facilitator, visit the website for Lion’s Heart, then click “sign up” and enter your student’s email, zip code 90740 (this part is really important), gender, and the high school graduation year. On the following page, select the iLEAD Exploration chapter and use your student code for the Annual Plan ($149). If you are not using funds, you can directly go to their website to sign up.

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If you have any questions, please contact:

Dominic Maciel

AmeriCorps Fellow, Education & Volunteer Outreach

800-894-8877, Ext. 117

Vendor Spotlight: STEM Qwest


STEM Qwest offers online courses rooted in STEM education including science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM Qwest courses are held using the Canvas Learning Management System. All courses are hosted online so that learners have access to their educational materials, lessons, assignments, quizzes, and instructor feedback 24/7. Once enrolled, each learner will be given an online access code to enter the Canvas LMS classroom for the duration of the course. Courses vary in length from 4-12 weeks, depending on the chosen course. The most popular courses include 3D Game Design, Minecraft Architecture, and “Minecraft: The Island” – a novel study, with more courses coming soon. To view the current list of course offerings and full course descriptions, visit their website.

Cogito Debate Opportunity


One of our vendors, Cogito Debate, offers a variety of classes. From parliamentary public speaking to advanced reading and writing, these classes focus on building exemplary communication skills, superior memory skills, and improved language skills that significantly help learners become independent thinkers, strong speakers, and confident leaders.

Cogito Debate’s programs (which include year-round tournament competition) are offered year-round throughout Southern California to children ages 7 to 17, at all levels of experience. Cogito Debate is committed to homeschool learners and will even set up a class/program in your area (minimum of 6 learners in a class)

We would encourage you to check out Cogito Debate’s website and please speak with your educational facilitator about helping find other interested learners to take advantage of this opportunity!

Mosa Mack Science


One of our exciting new vendors recently added is Mosa Mack Science!




Vendor Spotlight – Side Street Projects


Vendor Spotlight: My Amazing Pen Pal


My Amazing Pen Pal is a unique program that provides a safe, entertaining and interactive way for children ages 6-11 to learn about other countries through weekly videos, online content and monthly packages in the mail (but don’t let them know that they are also learning history, geography, social studies, language and problem-solving skills along the way!).

With new content on the Adventure Site three times a week, there’s always something new for kids to learn and explore.


Vendor Spotlight: Beachside Math


laurie-capalbo-225x300.jpgAre you looking for a great investment for your instructional funds that are sure to pay big dividends? Providing your learner with a math tutor has both short- and long-term benefits and is a great way to build confidence and make math fun!

Laurie Capalbo (Beachside Math) is a new vendor for iLEAD but she is no newbie to math! Her extensive and in-depth experience in applied mathematics coupled with her love of teaching is a great equation! Pun intended.

Mrs. Capalbo earned a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from U.C. Santa Barbara. After nine years of working in satellite communications, she left the aerospace industry and was promoted to homemaker and mother of three girls. She has been an instructor at HSFM since the math program began in 2011. In addition, she provides math tutoring for kids from elementary school to college. Her passion for teaching math has enabled her to present concepts in a learner-friendly manner. She also challenges kids not to just learn “how” to do math, but also to understand “why” we do math.

Laurie has earned the respect and admiration from families for being an incredibly gifted math tutor. She has the keen ability to unlock a learner’s math potential!

Vendor Spotlight: Soteric Academy at New Learning Center


In addition to workshops and/or classes that will be offered by iLEAD at our new learning center, one of our vendors, Soteric Academy, offers many awesome high school courses (several are a-g)!

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Vendor Spotlight: Musical Theatre Orange County


More info:

Vendor Spotlight: Curious Kids Tech Series



Urban Homeschoolers – Camp MindSpark



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Brain Chase



Averyboo Arts



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Allison Tutoring



Donna Z. Guitar


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Santa Clarita Martial Arts


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Waterfront Education




Interval Music


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Lil’ Chef School


Fusion Academy Miracle Mile


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Earthroots Field School


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Lango Foothills


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Everwild LA


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