Facilitators and families have many options to address grade-level standards in instruction to support the learner’s individualized learning plan. Through multiple methods and approaches, learners are able to demonstrate their learning in meaningful ways.

  • Standards & “I can” Statements: The standards serve as the foundation for content covered within each grade level. They serve as a springboard for creative project ideas and unique learning opportunities. Additionally, a learner-friendly list of “I Can” statements will be made available soon.
  • Curriculum Guide: This section provides an abbreviated list of curriculum that covers grade-level content. Select the grade level or subject to find more information on curriculum that reflects grade level standards-based instruction.
  • ILP Resources: The ILP resource database includes additional curriculum options as well as supplemental curriculum, material subscriptions, online subscriptions, lesson plans, project ideas, and more.
  • Curriculum Library: Using this online resource, families can browse available resources for checkout available at our iLEAD OC Studio.
  • Curriculum Review: Our facilitators periodically add reviews for our families to preview curriculum options.

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BrainPOP is a trusted online learning resource supporting core and supplemental subjects, reaching millions of learners worldwide. Through engaging games, animated movies, and a variety of educational activities, BrainPOP was designed with relevance, depth, and humor to encourage children on their unique learning paths.

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