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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Why Are You Going to College?

If your family is starting to formulate an educational plan after high school, don’t skip the critical first question, “Why are you going to college?”

Here are the five warning signs that your child may be applying to the WRONG college:
1) Your child doesn’t have a plan of how to use a school’s unique resources.
2) Your child is basing their college choices solely on national rankings.
3) A girlfriend, a boyfriend, or a best friend is going there.
4) Your child delays applying to colleges.
5) Your child chooses the college with the simplest application.

“Choose the Perfect College… for You!” — Sam Feeney recommends that learners personalize the college search by considering academics, campus life, opportunities and finances. One should figure out why he/she is going to college before answering the where and how of going to college.


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