Summative ELPAC

Summative ELPAC

Our testing window for the Summative ELPAC is open and our assessments are underway for all our English Language Learners this year through online and remote platforms. Thank you to those who have already tested, and we appreciate those who are testing soon!

If you missed our webinar outlining the Summative ELPAC and what families can expect, you can watch it here. Below are some tips and reminders for each of the domains tested through the ELPAC. Take practice tests together with your learner to get them familiar with the test and question types.

Speaking Domain

  • Remember to speak clearly and in English to receive credit for your answer.
  • Add details to your answer! The more information you can convey, the higher your will score.
  • Ask for the questions to be repeated if you are unsure of how to answer.

Listening Domain

  • You can listen to each part only once, so pause and take notes as needed.
  • Preview the questions ahead of time so that you can listen for specific information.

Reading Domain

  • Read the passage first. Read the questions. Then reread the passage looking for the specific answers.
  • Read all the answer choices and eliminate ones that are incorrect.

Writing Domain

  • For 3rd grade and higher, practice typing sentences and paragraphs in a Word document.
  • Review what a basic paragraph contains: opening sentence, detail sentences, and a closing sentence.
  • Carefully read the directions and make sure you are answering questions correctly.
  • Edit your writing before submitting (check for correct capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling).

Overall Tips

  • Take your time and ask questions. The test administrator is there to support you.
  • If you get overwhelmed, you can take a break. Let the examiner know.
  • Do your best!


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