Carrie Farrell

Educational Facilitator

Program: Classic Home Study
Function: Educational Facilitator

About Carrie

Carrie has had a long career in teaching. She absolutely loves little people and loves seeing the light bulb go on in their head! Carrie taught in the classroom until she had her daughter and then started her own tutoring business and hasn’t been back to the classroom since. She is a reading specialist but her passion is helping families find the help that they need for a child who is suffering from a learning disability or delay. This passion came out of a necessity to help her own son who was absolutely miserable in first and second grade. As a result of these challenges, Carrie homeschooled her son while she and her husband figured out he had dyslexia, an auditory processing delay with weak connections across the midline of the brain. They were lucky enough to get him brain training and he is now a successful learner.

Carrie enjoys learning, teaching, gardening, reading historical fiction and binge watching NetFlix. Carrie has been married for 20+ years to Brian, a mechanical engineer, who works for Space X in Hawthorne and they have two beautiful children. Audrey is their artsy child. She loves dancing, singing, creating art, photography, and attends OCSA in Santa Ana where she is able to express her creative side. Donovan is their sporty child. He loves baseball, football, soccer and anything else that involves being outside and playing. Her family likes to vacation at atypical locations, and they never seem to visit the same place twice. Their kids have been to 20 states and they really enjoy national parks, monuments and seashores.

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