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May 13, 2020 @ 07:00

Kelsi Lemos

Educational Facilitator

Program: Classic Home Study
Function: Educational Facilitator

About Kelsi

After 12 years of classroom experience, Kelsi was introduced to the homeschool world where her professional and personal educational philosophies finally aligned. In the classroom, she was always inspired by the unique personalities and learning styles of each child that walked through the door. As an EF, she is passionate about connecting with families and partnering with them to create a unique educational experience for each learner. With a bachelor’s degree in child development and a master’s degree in education, Kelsi’s experience focuses on parenting and families. From teaching first graders to read and involving parents in the process, to teaching parenting classes to teen parents, family is always at the heart of her role as a teacher.

Kelsi has been blessed with a daughter and two sons and enjoys the journey of homeschooling her two younger children. Along with her husband of nearly 15 years, Kelsi enjoys cherishing moments of quality time as a family. They love to explore new places, go on road trips, watch sunsets, and spend time in nature. When the house is finally quiet, Kelsi can be found staying up way too late with a cup of tea and a book in her hand.

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