Kim Lovold

Vendor Relations Manager

Function: Leadership, Vendor Relations

Favorite Quote

“When the atmosphere encourages learning, the learning is inevitable.” -Elizabeth Foss

About Kim

Originally from the midwest, Kim Lovold lives in Long Beach with her husband, three children, two pugs and a cat. Kim graduated from CSUDH with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and passed the certified public accountant exam upon graduation. Kim homeschooled all three of her kiddos from the very beginning (one has since graduated). She is very familiar with most curriculum out there because she has probably tried it all at one time or another! When Kim is not working, you might find her on the couch with at least one of her pugs, “teaching” her kids with a good book. You might also hear her kids playing piano as they are big on music in their home. Kim also likes to read books, drink coffee, take walks, and spend time with her family.

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