Rebecca Lopez

Educational Facilitator

Program: Classic Home Study
Function: Educational Facilitator

Favorite Quote

“Attitude is a choice, pick a good one.” - Unknown

About Rebecca

Rebecca grew up smelling the roses in Pasadena attending private, public, and home school! She attended Azusa Pacific University where she received a bachelor’s of music in education and percussion performance and a master’s of education. Since then, she has done less marimba concertos and oboe solos and more children’s musicals and mentoring. Rebecca has taught preschool through high school learners in the private, public and online school settings since the turn of the millenium. She has also worked with at-risk high schoolers to help them earn their high school diplomas.

Rebecca enjoys great conversations, filling awkward voids, and helping others to bravely lean into their gifts, talents, and passions! Her husband is a band director and they have three girls, including twins!

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