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May 13, 2020 @ 07:00

Susan Masterson

Educational Facilitator

Program: Classic Home Study
Function: Educational Facilitator

About Susan

Susan has worked in the homeschool community for more than five years now. Upon graduation from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Susan used her bachelor’s degree in elementary education to immediately join the classroom to service single grade and multi-age classrooms. After several years, Susan decided this model did not support her educational philosophy and pursued other options. After spending some time teaching physical education, Susan found the homeschool model to be a much better fit for what she wanted to support. Susan has had the opportunity to work for three charter schools as an educational facilitator and has serviced students in independent study and enrichment center environments.

Susan enjoys the freedom homeschooling can offer. Through her continued research, trainings, and personal experiences, she has found many misconceptions around what most think education is. She fully believes one model does not fit all, people learn when they are motivated to learn, and teaching to the individual is most effective. Helping families break through these misconceptions, such as what they thought was a learning disability or defiance in a learner, and discovering that was not the issue at all, is one of the most rewarding things in this profession. Susan has a passion for helping learners be successful and enjoys how homeschooling with a charter enables this to happen.

Susan also holds additional certifications, such as lifeguard instructor, water safety instructor trainer, CPR/First Aid instructor, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and yoga instructor. This keeps her busy on nights, weekends, and throughout the summer. It is important to her to service the community to help make others’ lives better. She also enjoys being an aerialist and spending time with her family by swimming, zip lining, traveling abroad, and just being active.

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