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May 13, 2020 @ 07:00

As a service vendor, how do I get paid?

Once you are an approved vendor with iLEAD, the vendor department will send your billing login information via email. Families are responsible for registering their child for your classes or services. Please communicate with families about whether you prefer payments to be broken down into monthly amounts (recommended) or a lump sum payment (paid one time at the end of each semester). If you request monthly payments, you will log into the billing system and sign the online purchase order at the end of each month when lessons for the month are completed. If you request full semester payment (lump sum), you will log into your vendor billing account and sign the purchase order at the end of the semester when all lessons are finished. The order then becomes an electronic invoice and is sent to our accounting department for payment. You will receive a check within 30 days of your correctly submitted invoice.

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