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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Do You Have Senioritis?


Every year, like clockwork, hordes of stressed-out students succumb to an epidemic during their last year of school. They call their affliction senioritis.

How Do You Prevent or Cure Senioritis?

  • Acknowledge the Problem—Don’t ignore your feelings. If you begin to feel apathetic or less motivated, find people who will listen and help you understand why you’re feeling that way. By talking about your feelings and admitting they exist, you’ll gain greater self-awareness, which will put you on a more stable footing.
  • Move Forward With Gratitude—You probably have several people in your life who have provided support during your high school years. Why not thank them for being there for you? Gratitude is a natural energy booster. It can make you feel more confident, hopeful, and motivated.
  • Do Some “Spring Cleaning”—After a few years of school, many students accumulate tons of clutter—both in their physical spaces and in their minds. But having too much clutter in your life can make you feel overwhelmed, weighed down, and lazy. So when you start feeling that way, it’s a good idea to start getting rid of the stuff that’s no longer useful. Then, simplify and re-organize everything.
  • Make Time For Relaxation and Self-Reflection—When you’re a student, it’s easy to get so lost in everything you have to do that you no longer take moments to just breathe, let alone get to know yourself better. But being constantly busy can lead to exhaustion, fear, and a sense of disconnection. Think about how much you’ve already accomplished, imagine the future you want, and breathe deeply while appreciating the here and now.
  • Persist—Always remember to pace yourself. Your final weeks of school don’t have to be a sprint to the finish line. However, by applying a consistent amount of effort, you’ll start developing the kind of resilience that can pay off now and in the future. When you graduate, you’ll feel proud knowing that you pushed through.

(adapted from an article by Luke Redd, January 30, 2020)


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