Learner Spotlight: Alex Prem

iLEAD Exploration senior Alex Prem

Alex Prem T-shirt design

I started at iLEAD Exploration as a freshman in high school. I now am in my final year as a senior.

iLEAD has given me the opportunity to learn in an environment that is best suited for me. I have been able to explore my artistic and career interests in digital media arts as well as support my training for becoming a competitive swimmer.

From the first day, I have loved my time as a student at iLEAD. iLEAD creates an environment where I feel safe and excited about my studies. I look forward to my LP meetings with my educational facilitator, Natalie, because I am proud of my work.

After school, I plan to pursue a career in digital arts focusing on photography and graphic design. T-shirt design is a passion of mine, and I have multiple award-winning T-shirt designs for a charity run.

I will miss iLEAD.


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