Navigating the Challenges of Online Learning

HS Dec4

In these unprecedented times, we have all seen drastic changes in the ways in which we live our daily lives. This especially applies to how learners have been accessing their classes. While we are an independent study school, many of our learners take classes at in-person learning centers or on campus at their local community college. Going online for the first time or in a new system can be very intimidating. We have seen an uptick in learner anxiety and academic struggles during this time, and our school is not unique to experiencing this challenge.

It is important to remain mindful of how you are handling these new situations. You may not be able to handle as rigorous of a load as planned or need to drop classes entirely, and that is okay. Rest assured, one class or even one semester will not ruin the rest of your life! EFs and counselors are here to help if you find yourself stuck, so please be honest with yourself and the adults who are here to support you.

If you are working through an online class with a vendor or at the community college, here are some proactive steps you can take to support your own success:

  • Reach out for assistance to navigate deadlines and assignments

  • Look up and share all important due dates with your EF and/or parent and set reminders on your phone if necessary

  • Find out if tutoring is available

  • If necessary, use instructional funds for tutoring

  • Come up with a study plan at the beginning of the semester (your EF can help)

  • Turn in essays EARLY for teacher/professor feedback and revise if necessary BEFORE the final deadline

  • Communicate with the teacher/professor throughout the semester

If you feel you need added support, contact your EF or high school counselor right away.

Last names A-K – Bethany Maddox bethany.maddox@ileadexploration.org

Last names L-Z – Heather Fecarotta heather.fecarotta@ileadexploration.org



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