Summer Pre-College Programs

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Summer programs offer learners the opportunity to experience campus life while engaged in academic or extracurricular activities. Many applications are available now, so don’t wait to check deadlines and begin the application process. These programs may look different this summer, but whether in-person or online, they offer great opportunities. There are a wide variety of programs and financial aid may be available.

Programs can be divided into several categories including academic, college preparatory, artistic, and athletic. Below is a small sampling of available summer programs. Learners are encouraged to do their own searching, focusing on specific areas of interest or colleges and universities.

Summer Programs and Admissions

Some competitive summer programs that offer in-depth experience in a specific academic or artistic field will help with college admissions. These programs are often free or low cost and they stand out on a college application because they are competitive and the learner gains valuable advanced experience. Non-competitive summer programs show a dedication to an area of interest, something that helps admission officers know more about who you are and what you value. Programs at specific college campuses do not necessarily help a learner gain admission to that college.

If you need help or wish to discuss summer options, feel free to set up an appointment to meet with our College Advisor, Laura Kazan.



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