Dual Enrollment Procedures


May is the month for learners to submit community college paperwork to be signed by iLEAD in order to register for the summer term. Fall paperwork can be submitted May-September and will be sent out on Fridays. Remember, a 3-5 unit class may allow a learner to earn a full year of high school credit for that subject in one semester! Here are the steps to get started:
1) Learners may pursue registering for community college courses if they are academically, socially and emotionally prepared for the rigor and environment of a college course.
2) Families are responsible for registering for courses on their own and paying for all course material fees and transcript requests.
3) Learners need to obtain the special admission request form from their community college’s admissions office or website and fill out the classes and learner information only. They should wait to sign the form until after it has been returned from the iLEAD office so all signatures are wet.
4) The parent or learner will forward the form to their EF. The request will be signed by a school official and stamped within two days and returned by mail to the family for final signatures.
5) The learner will take the form to register at the community college.
6) Once the learner is admitted, the family will notify the EF of the exact title and code for the courses.
7) The grade earned in the course by the professor will be the same grade issued on the high school transcript. Please note that grades given by the EF at the end of the semester are tentative until confirmed by official transcripts.
8) Upon course completion each semester, the learner will request an e-transcript from the community college. iLEAD Hybrid is the school to select. Transcripts should be sent to highschool@ileadexploration.org. If the college does not offer e-transcripts, the learner will forward college transcripts to the iLEAD Exploration address below:
ATTN: Registrar
3842 S. Bristol Street #616
Santa Ana, CA 92704


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