Learner Spotlight: Owen Harris

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iLEAD Exploration is proud to highlight freshman Owen Harris. Owen started homeschooling in 5th grade and has been pursuing his passion for history and hands-on learning ever since. From a young age, Owen showed a great aptitude for mechanics. While many other toddlers were happily playing with plastic toy phones, Owen had other pursuits such as opening up an actual landline phone, taking it apart, investigating all the parts, and then proceeding to put it all back together.

Over the years, this learner’s interest in mechanisms has continued to grow, and he has been able to thoroughly satisfy that passion through homeschooling. In additional to rigorous core classes, Owen has taken several “outside-the-box” electives including aviation studies, photography, industrial arts, and nautical studies. As a member of the Newport Sea Base offshore sailing team, Owen partook in an amazing “hands-on” adventure! Along with his team, Owen sailed fourteen hours straight aboard the Heartbeat, a 45-foot racing yacht, for a total of 112 nautical miles from San Pedro to Point Loma, San Diego. The crew sailed tirelessly, making great time and braving the rainy weather and wind. So impressive!

In addition to sailing, Owen has been able to pursue his passion for aviation and history. Owen has visited just about every aviation museum in California, and has even visited air museums in Texas, Arizona and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Over the years, Owen has attended over twenty airshows with his dad, who works in the aviation industry. An avid photographer, Owen enjoys taking photos on these trips to capture images of modern and historical aircraft.

Owen is also currently taking industrial arts where he has experimented with 3D printing, welding, and woodworking to build some amazing projects. We are so proud of Owen Harris for his dedication to his studies as well as his willingness to take risks and try new things! We look forward to seeing how Owen’s educational journey continues to unfold over the next three years!


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