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Changes to the University of California Requirements for the Class of 2021

The UCs are relaxing testing requirements and will no longer require ACT or SAT for the class of 2021 ONLY. They are also accepting pass/fail grades for the classes taken in the spring of 2020 for all students. Students may still submit test scores but are not required to and the lack of testing will not hurt their applications.


Changes to the California State University System

The CSUs are accepting pass/fail grades for classes taken in spring 2020. There is no decision on testing requirements at this time.


Changes to Test-Optional Policies

Multiple colleges that are not typically test-optional have allowed the class of 2021 to apply without SAT or ACTs. Test-optional colleges can be tracked on the FairTest website. Newly added colleges may not be included.



iLEAD Exploration Class of 2020

Congratulations, 2020 Graduates!

We are so proud of our 2020 graduates. During a time of uncertainty, these learners persevered and were able to complete their high school journey. They embody all that is…


CTE Labs at Community Colleges

Career Technical Education is an exciting and ever-evolving frontier in California. Our community colleges started receiving grant funding to build out incredible labs for their CTE pathways, and they have…


Summer School Options

Summer is a good time to catch up or get ahead on credits toward graduation. Community college classes may be a good fit, but be aware that for this summer,…

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