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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Distance Learning Helpful Hints

Online Learning iLEAD Exploration

Now more than ever, learners are using distance learning as the foundation of their education. Learning from home has great benefits but can also pose organizational challenges. Below are some hints that might help you stay more focused and organized in your virtual classes.

Organize your Digital Workspace

  • Try creating an orderly folder/file system in Google Drive or Evernote that works for what you need.

  • Session Buddy is a great way to save your tabs, windows, and bookmarks.

  • Try using Google Sticky Notes for deadline reminders or to keep record of your different logins and passwords for your classes.

Minimize Distractions and Save Time

  • If you get distracted by the internet, try using a timed internet blocker like SelfControl.

  • Taking an intentional break from social media or email in your phone can also prevent distractions.

  • Some learners find that peaceful music helps them to focus. There are many different kinds of ambient and classical music tracks specifically designed for studying and staying focused.

  • Google Calendar is a great way to organize your time and set class times as well as due date reminders for yourself.

Keep Your Workspace Functional

  • Look around your workspace to see if it functions well for you. Is your work space well-lit? Are pens and notepads and other supplies in reach where you can quickly grab them? Do you have access to enough plugs and outlets in case you need to quickly charge your computer?

  • Keep your desk clear of dirty dishes, trash, or junk papers. A quick clean up of your desk area between classes can keep your area tidy and organized. We recommend keeping a small trash bin right near your work area.

  • You may find it helpful to print out the schedule of your weekly classes as well as usernames and passwords and post them on your wall near your desk where you can easily refer to them.


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