Free Apps For High School and College Learners


If you are looking for some great apps for high schoolers that are free, here is a list that could be of great benefit to your learner(s)!

1.) inClass (iPhone iOS only)

Organization is an important tool. This note-taking app allows you to take notes, write down thoughts, and even share those notes/files with teachers, friends and classmates. It can also keep track of classes, homework, project deadlines and send out reminders so you don’t forget any important information.

2.) Google Drive (iPhone, Android)

This is one of the coolest, free apps around. It contains all the same features of Google Drive on a computer, but it is organized in an efficient mobile format.

3.) Duolingo (iPhone, Android)

This is the No. 1 ranked app in “Language Learning” and is completely free. This is a great tool for anyone learning Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and English.

4.) 30/30 (iPhone, Android)

This is a task manager app that organizes your day into 30-minute sprints of work and rest. It can be a great tool if you find yourself distracted constantly. Set the timer to work for 30 minutes, then allow yourself 30 minutes of rest.

5.) iFormulas (iPhone, Android)

This app contains all the math and science formulas you need in one easily accessible location. It is a great reference tool.

6.) AP Flashcards (iPhone, Android)

This app is for learners of any age. Flashcards are a popular learning tool, and this app has flashcards from a variety of AP tests in one convenient place. There are 2,900 premade flashcards from various AP exams, including biology, statistics, English, literature and government.

7.) Kno Textbooks (iPhone, Android)

This app has e-textbooks that you can highlight and annotate. It saves paper and allows users to synchronize content throughout multiple devices, share notes with others, and add media.


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