Learner Spotlight: Aidan Hodge

Aiden Feature

Playing sports, volunteering, studying science and history, acting, and traveling are just a few of the many activities that sixth grade learner Aidan Hodge enjoys doing. He has read over 20 books so far just this school year! Aidan also loves being a military child and despite moving a lot, he has been able to excel academically. This year he received a military child academic achievement award!

Aidan plays sports year round including basketball, which he is currently playing, baseball, and football. He has even received an academic excellence award from the Pop Warner Foundation. Aside from organized sports, Aidan enjoys spending time with his brothers, woodworking, art classes, Coastal Survivor Class, camping, hiking, fishing, ice skating, skateboarding, and he is looking forward to learning how to snowboard this winter.

Aidan is involved in Torch (a leadership program) and is an avid volunteer. Aidan has worked as a special needs mentor for the Dodgers foundation and has participated in many beach clean-ups. He also volunteers with his local youth center, and most recently he volunteered to be the elf at the community Christmas party for local children. On Thanksgiving, Aidan volunteered to serve the less fortunate.

Anatomy and physiology are among Aidan’s favorite subjects. He is also fascinated by World War II and military history. Recently, Aidan has been working as a background actor and works several times a week. He enjoys traveling and his favorite place that he has traveled to is Europe.

Aidan’s goal is attend and play football for the University of Notre Dame where he will study criminal justice.


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