Learner Spotlight: Brycen Barnhart


iLEAD Exploration 6th grader Brycen Barnhart is an animal lover who has 11 pets (so far!), including a box turtle, a ball python, and a very sweet lab named Sammy. When he is not busy taking care of his animals, Bryce also enjoys rock climbing and hanging out with his friends.

Bryce has worked very hard to overcome his learning differences. Although reading is still very difficult for him, he loves audiobooks and can be found “reading with his ears” every single day. If you ask Bryce what he considers to be his greatest accomplishment, he will tell you that he is still working on figuring that one out, but will work hard until then.

A self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd, Bryce is convinced that the owl sent to deliver his Hogwarts admission letter on this 11th birthday somehow got lost and is still trying to find him so he can attend the fabled school for wizards. In the meantime, Bryce keeps his favorite saying in mind: “Don’t let the muggles get you down.”

Everyone who has the privilege to know Bryce well enjoys his humor and passion for life.



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