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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Learner Spotlight: Claire and Will Larson


Claire and Will Larson are two talented and enthusiastic learners who are new to iLEAD Exploration this year. These siblings lean into their passions on a daily basis and are full of curiosity and creativity.

Claire is an imaginative, artistic and thoughtful second grader. Her dream of riding horses came true this year at the Traditional Equitation School where she is learning how to ride, saddle and groom horses. When she’s not out on the trail, Claire can be found enjoying a good book (lately the “Little House on the Prairie” series), baking, drawing and creating fashion designs, going on nature walks with her watercolors, playing piano, singing in her church choir, dancing jazz and ballet, riding her bike, and sewing. A few of her favorite subjects are French, geography and artist studies. Claire spends her time tide pooling at the beach, hiking up to the Griffith Observatory, visiting the Huntington Gardens, and playing with her close friend at their weekly park day. She balances so many activities with confidence and joy.

Will is an active, brave, and caring first grader. He has been taking swim lessons this year and just recently attended his first surf camp. When asked how his week at surf camp went he said, “Epic!” A natural athlete, Will enjoys playing basketball, baseball, club soccer, and riding his bike, scooter, and skateboard. Will also spends time inside making LEGO creations, playing piano, cooking in the kitchen, reciting poetry, playing math games, and learning about circuits. His favorite places in Los Angeles are Malibu (or any beach where he can catch a wave) and Griffith Park. Will isn’t afraid to try new things and finds delight in exploring the natural world around him.

As part of their family rhythm, the Larson family loves to travel up and down the California coast, camp, and celebrate rich family traditions throughout the year. They are actively involved in their church and have partnered as a family with the International Justice Mission in the fight against human trafficking. We are so happy to have Claire and Will as part of the iLEAD Exploration family!


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