Learner Spotlight: Desiree Rios


When Carol Dweck and her team first wrote about the difference between the GROWTH MINDSET and the fixed mindset, education was forever changed. Since beginning her homeschooling journey, Desiree Rios, iLEAD Exploration learner, has worked to develop a growth mindset by focusing on hard work and effort in her academic pursuits. The result of this has been an increased sense of ownership in her learning. Desiree stays on top of her studies and instead of staying stuck in old patterns, she has striven to develop new study habits and life skills.

Wherever she goes and whatever new things she tries, Desiree comes with a positive attitude and a smile. This hardworking learner demonstrates dedication to her athletic and extracurricular activities as well as her academic work. Desiree enjoys spending time with friends and never has any problems making friends. She loves staying active and participating in all kinds of activities including dance and music. Desiree can often be found practicing the ukulele.

This 11th grade learner has also devoted her time to growing new habits such as reading. Desiree’s growth mindset has resulted in her taking a break from time on the internet to form this new habit. In fact, she is a voracious reader, having read 70 books since last December. That’s more than one book a week!

Desiree is a super sweet and kind person whose motto is, “Always Smile!” But watch out: she is also working toward her black belt in Krav Maga and she can definitely take care of herself!



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December Field Trip Release

Mark your calendars! We are excited to announce that our next field trip release (through the iLEAD Exploration website) will be on Tuesday, December 3 at 10:00 a.m.

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