Learner Spotlight: Emma Fowler

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Emma Fowler is an amazing young lady who is smart, talented, funny and always ready with a smile and a positive attitude! She is a seventh grader with iLEAD Exploration and has been part of the program for five years. She is full of grace and an incredibly talented writer! Writing flows from Emma’s fingertips. Whether writing poetry, crafting stories or conducting research, there’s always a pen in her hand! Emma is a passionate learner of all sorts, and in fact earned herself a position among 16 students chosen from across the country to compete academically on a cruise ship in subjects such as: history, English, mathematics, science, Latin, timeline of the world, and cartography. The competition was on a cruise ship, and she came in second place as National Memory Master.

Emma is a very busy young lady.  She’s the only girl in her family and has four younger brothers.  She helps her mom around the house, and has a positive attitude about everything.  She plays the violin, recites monologues and poetry, is a published artist, and is working on her first book!

But this girl isn’t all work and no play! Emma also likes to hang with her group at church, spend time with friends, cook, watercolor paint, ride horses, and design and craft items to sell at craft fairs under her home company “The Little Red Door Co.”  

Emma also loves the beach, and boogie boarding, but her very favorite activity of all is reading.

I couldn’t be more proud of Emma Fowler, and I know that she will be a great author, illustrator, or really anything she wants to be someday.

Excerpt from:

Freedom’s Song

By Emma Fowler

Tis’ the day of valor true;

Tis’ the day of red, white, and blue.

Hence the day that freedom sings,

Her song was written for you.

She sings her joyous melody,

Proclamations of the free.

Her arms reach out to all mankind,

Her song was written for me.

Beloved men who made no fuss,

Took a stand, jumped on the bus,

But freedom came to guide them through,

Her song was written for us……


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