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Feb 1, 2021 @ 18:00

Learner Spotlight: Emma Weisenberger

Emma Weisenberger 4th 3 of 4

To dance “on pointe” is the ultimate goal of serious ballet students, and it is the same for iLEAD Exploration learner Emma Weisenberger. The Weisenberger family has been homeschooling for five years. Homeschooling has given the family more time to be together to pursue passions like ballet and to complete schoolwork at their own pace.

Since it is her “first thing,” Emma sets a specific amount of time weekly for schoolwork and for ballet practice. She has a full schedule and knows that hard work and discipline are required for her to accomplish her goals. Emma also displays perseverance and doesn’t give up easily. She will practice her little heart out until she has successfully navigated her studies and learned her ballet routines.

Emma dances with American Ballet Theater Gillespie School (ABT) in their children’s division. She asked to take ballet at age four and has been twirling around ever since. Her favorite ballets are Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, and ABT’s Of Love and Rage. One of her favorite memories is getting to dance onstage at Segerstrom with the ABT company and “falling asleep” on her favorite dancer’s lap in The Nutcracker.

This hardworking 4th grader also loves to create crafts, hike, spend time outside, and hang out with her friends. Emma has also been able to participate in the American Ballet Theater summer intensive in New York as well as the Joffrey Ballet summer intensive. Someday Emma hopes to be a professional ballet dancer in New York with the ABT company.


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