Learner Spotlight: Gracie Dykes


Gracie Dykes is a sweet and talented sixth grader who has been homeschooling with iLEAD Exploration since second grade. She loves homeschooling because it gives her time to explore her true passions.

Gracie loves to write funny, creative stories and always includes little pictures to go along with them. She also enjoys music and has been taking piano lessons for two years, but her greatest talent is her drawing! She absolutely loves to draw and does an amazing job!

She took art classes at KidsArt in Valencia for four years, which simply enhanced her natural abilities. Now she has combined her love of art with her entrepreneurial spirit to start her own business selling her art! You can check our her work on Etsy. She will even do custom artwork!

Her latest passion is for all things Japanese. Gracie is taking a Japanese language and culture class at Learn Beyond the Book, a learning center in Santa Clarita. One of her favorite things to do is to visit Little Tokyo in Los Angeles where she can eat her favorite food, veggie ramen.

One day she hopes to visit the real Tokyo in Japan! Gracie loves to draw anything Japanese and her life goal is to become a professional anime/manga artist/illustrator.

When Gracie is not drawing, reading, or writing about Japan, you can find her at the beach learning to surf or hanging out with her best friend Sumi, a Shih Tzu/Yorkshire terrier mix.


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