Learner Spotlight: Julia Witt


Julia is in 4th grade and has been with iLEAD Exploration since kindergarten. Mom began her homeschooling journey for two reasons: to support Julia’s learning one-on-one and to be able to travel, which is important to their life. Mom looks at their homeschooling journey as world schooling. They love to take Julia’s studies on the road, airplane, or cruise ship.

At just 9 years old, Julia has taken her school work to Paris, France, Venice, Italy, through Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the Giant Redwood Forest and various other National Parks. Julia has also traveled to New York, to Athens, Greece, to San Francisco, to the Southernmost point in the USA (in Florida), and most recently to Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and to Don Quixote’s windmills in Consuegra, Spain. Julia loves immersing in other countries and cultures, experiencing how other societies speak, what they eat, and how they live.

Not only is Julia a world traveler, but she is also a history buff, Girl Scout, volunteer and quite a little chef. Her current obsession is the American Revolution and the birth of our nation. After seeing “Hamilton,” this interest has grown exponentially! History is definitely her favorite subject and she has an uncanny ability to remember dates, rulers, major historical events, and commonly unknown historical tidbits and tales. When Julia is not immersed in history, you may find her in the kitchen or volunteering. Julia loves learning how to cook through various classes and experiences. She has tried her hand at making homemade pasta, homemade gelato, and has even learned the fine art of making and filling bite-size cream puffs. You will also find Julia with her hair pulled back in a hair net, packaging pasta and beans and food items for those in need. She loves to volunteer her time and abilities and some of her favorite volunteer projects have included adopting a family for the holidays, making toiletry kits for a local women’s shelter, donating toys to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and packing care packages for troops overseas.

Julia just bridged up to a Junior Level Girl Scout and absolutely loves the unique experiences she is privileged to have as a Girl Scout. She is in a homeschool troop with 30-plus other homeschool girls whom she’s so proud to call her Girl Scout sisters.

Right now, Julia is working on her “Caring For Children” badge and is enrolled in the American Red Cross’s Babysitters Course. Julia loves children and works as a Mother’s Helper whenever she can.



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