Learner Spotlight: Mason Sanders

learner spotlight-mason

Mason Sanders is a passionate learner who loves homeschooling because it gives him the freedom to be outdoors and involved in kinesthetic, active learning. Homeschooling also gives him the time to work with his community. Whether he is at the fire station working with his local firefighters on a toy drive, or corresponding with his longtime friend, Vanessa, who his family sponsors through Children’s International, Mason is happiest when he is giving to others.

Since Mason’s mom, Angie, is a certified parent educator, Mason and his family work on developing emotional intelligence and empathy as part of their daily life practices. Recently, Mason embraced a proud leadership role in a class that earned him his radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education certification. In addition, he successfully ran a lemonade stand and chose to donate much of the proceeds to the Humane Society. He is a devoted animal lover, and his two cats and dog mean the world to him!

On the top of Mason’s mom and dad’s wedding cake sat Han Solo and Princess Leia, so how could Mason NOT be a huge Star Wars fan? Learning to be a stellar Jedi, he attended Galactic Warrior classes and, of course, has seen and read all the Star Wars movies and books. He also has a passion for Pokemon, Minecraft, and Legos. Mason loved attending Lego Engineering class and regularly builds his own amazing characters, vehicles, and cities. He loves to engage in imaginative play with all his inventions and creations; however, he likes to remind all of us that if he were to become president, “there would be no real guns – only nerf guns!” When he grows up, Mason wants to be “a good guy!”

Mason and his family spend time traveling in order to gain firsthand experience of history, social studies, and science. On his recent trip to an old colonial village, Historic St. Mary’s College Village in Maryland, he learned how colonists prepared their meat, and how the Native American Chaptico tribes made their food and musical instruments.

Mason also loves sports and outdoor activities. In his Apprentice of the Wild course, he learned about botany and edible plants, and he learned many survival skills. He loves parkour, jumping on his trampoline, bowling, kayaking, hiking, and miniature golf. Mason is a very generous and loyal friend. If you are fortunate to converse with Mason, you will have fun, feel happy, and learn something new!



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