Learner Spotlight: The Schmitt Family

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Meet the Schmitt family! Audra (5th grade) and Jude (3rd grade) might just have more life experience under their belts than your average adult! They are world travelers, bilingual, and jump at the chance to tackle a wide array of new skills from sewing to gardening to wood-working.

Audra and Jude spent the past few years residing in Germany. Now in the high desert of Southern California, they have adjusted well, and continue to master the German language while reorienting themselves with English-based programs, curriculum and last but not least, reading!

These learners have delved into some great learning adventures during the past six months. Audra has a knack for cooking and both she and Jude spent a couple of weeks working on an organic farm. They’ve recently sewn their own messenger bags and also ventured out on a star-gazing camping trip.

Independent study has been a good option for the Schmitt’s this year as they continue to expand their worldview through travel. They recently trekked across Historic Route 66, making a number of exciting stops, and they have plans later this year to check out Iceland.


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