Learner Spotlight: Sebastian Ramirez

High School Spotlight iLEAD Exploration

Name: Sebastian Ramirez

What languages do you speak?: I speak Spanish and English.

What is your favorite saying in your native language?: “Quiero ir al parque.” (I want to go to the park)

What is a family tradition that you enjoy?: Rosca de Reyes.

What career would you like to have? Scientist, but also not sure yet.

What is your favorite subject?: Science.

Has being multilingual allowed you any special opportunities?: I can talk to other people that speak Spanish and English.

What is your favorite hobby?: Playing with legos and riding my scooter.

What advice would you give to someone trying to learn a new language?: Try your best.

How long have you been in Independent Study?: 2 years.

What do you like about the program?: I can go with my dad to work and I have more time to play.



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