Learner Spotlight: Siva and Miriya Ridley

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Siva and Miriya Ridley are two iLEAD learners with a hunger for adventure! Mom began her homeschooling journey when Siva entered kindergarten because she wanted to have time to focus on his interests, and later the same would be true for Miriya. They all enjoy the flexibility that iLEAD Exploration offers because it affords them the opportunity for hands-on learning, life experiences, and the ability to build relationships with children from diverse backgrounds.

This past summer, the duo traveled to Oregon to experience the full solar eclipse. Siva was in awe of the experience and describes how when the eclipse was happening it “got colder and much darker.” Recently, the Ridleys swam with manatees at King’s Bay in Florida, and watched as a mama manatee nursed its baby. In addition to traveling, Siva and Miriya visit museums, national parks, farms, printing presses, and more!

When Siva isn’t seeking adventure, he is looking for ways to improve the world. He is involved in the First Lego League this year, and the theme is “exploring the location, use, storage and movement of water.” After seeing pictures of hurricane victims carrying cases of water, Siva and his team decided to create a drone that will carry clear plastic balls of water to people during a hurricane. The choice of a clear plastic ball wasn’t by accident: after the water has sat in the sun for 6 hours, it will be purified and drinkable!

With her free time, Miriya loves to create. She writes and illustrates her own books and enjoys taking classes at Fashion Camp where she has created many original items including a doughnut costume and a taco purse!


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