Learner Spotlight: The Dixons


The Dixon family is passionate about cooking and reading and music and sports. When Sylvester I (14), Sylvester E (12) and Emerald (11) are not reading voraciously or focusing on their academics, they are playing musical instruments and mastering sports and working in the kitchen.

Eighth-grader Sylvester I works as a chef’s assistant at Chef Tech Cooking School. He has always been fascinated with cooking and loves the smells, the chopping, the mixing, the baking, and the frying. He uses his knowledge to help others learn how to cook while also gaining valuable job experience. One day Sylvester I would like to open his own restaurant!

Sylvester E (7th grade) and Emerald (6th grade) share their brother’s passion for the kitchen and are lead volunteers at Chef Tech Cooking School. They look forward to the day when they are old enough to become employees at Chef Tech.

The Dixons have also formed their own band. Sylvester I plays bass while Sylvester E keeps the beat on the drums. Emerald multitasks as the lead singer, guitarist, and violinist.

And did we mention sports? Yes, these iLEAD learners are sports enthusiasts as well. They are learning and mastering sports such as football, volleyball, street hockey, basketball, soccer, and Tae-Kwon-Do.

Bright, kind, and grateful, Sylvester I, Sylvester E, and Emerald Dixon enjoy being well-rounded iLEAD Exploration learners and appreciate how homeschooling has allowed them to explore a myriad of passions.



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