Learner Spotlight: The Huang Family


Meet the multi-talented Huangs! Logan (grade 6) and Delphine (grade 5) are quite the impressive duo! Whether it be martial arts, speaking French fluently, learning Mandarin, playing piano or practicing Wushu (a type of Kung Fu), these two have a zest for learning and trying new experiences.

Logan P.D.Y. Huang loves animals and biology. His favorite part of homeschooling is that he receives more focused attention from his facilitator (mom), and they can move at his pace. He also loves the flexibility it offers so he can continue his studies in various martial arts, including Taekwondo, cinematic martial arts, and Wushu. He also enjoys acrobatics, tricking, parkour, hip-hop dance, piano, composing, guitar, acting, and much more! Logan tells us: “In ten years, I imagine myself in college getting a degree in biology and, hopefully, still acting on the side.”

Delphine Lily Ai Min Huang describes herself as “hard-working, fit, and very buoyant.” Her favorite part of homeschooling is history, because she likes to read about important people and how they lived, especially people such as Confucius and Hammurabi. She practices tumbling, parkour, cinematic martial arts, hip-hop, piano, guitar, acting, and modeling. She also trains in Wushu and is a black belt in Taekwondo! When asked to imagine the next ten years, Delphine replied, “I see myself as a famous actress and stunt person, while at the same time making art at college.”

Look out, world! Here come the Huangs!



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