Learner Spotlight: The Moffitt Brothers

Rhys and Ian Moffitt - Park - March 2019

Standard brick and mortar schools were simply not a good fit for Rhys and Ian Moffitt. Fortunately, these two brothers have been happily homeschooling for the past 2½ years with iLEAD Exploration. Both diagnosed with high functioning autism — what was once referred to as Asperger’s Syndrome — these two learners have an extraordinary, asynchronous way of learning. Passionate about most subjects, they frequently wake their parents up in the wee hours asking to conduct science experiments, learn exponents by figuring out the result of 26 to the 10th power, build the Mars Rover out of recycled material, or recreate the periodic table of the elements on the dining room floor.

Rhys and Ian (and their parents) feel so grateful for the opportunity to be in school at home because it gives them the ability to study consistently challenging curriculum while also enabling them to focus on the areas where they want to improve. The boys also value their Individualized Education Plans (IEP) that provide accommodations and therapies to help them be the best learners they can be.

Both boys take classes at a nearby homeschool campus, the Arbor Learning Community, and also focus on learning organically at home. Over the summer, the Moffitt boys, who are passionate about the musical “Hamilton,” wanted to learn more about ten of the show’s characters, who are also historical figures. They tackled subjects related to the Revolutionary War, slavery, women’s rights, and ethics.

The Moffitt brothers also stay busy by participating in Cub Scouts and American Kenpo Karate. Cub Scouts has allowed them to make friends and participate in service projects, and the Scouts’ NOVA S.T.E.A.M. program pairs so seamlessly with their homeschooling lessons. After studying karate for two years, Ian has earned his green belt, and Rhys his green belt with brown stripes. They both participate in twice-a-year karate tournaments, which gives them the opportunity to build physical strength, learn personal self-control, and develop purpose.

We salute the Moffitt brothers!



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