Learner Spotlight: The Ray Sisters


The Ray sisters — Scarlett (4th grade) and Carley (1st grade) — love that learning is an endless discovery.

These learners often get lost in their topics of study, whether it be African studies, the classification of clouds, or an audiobook marathon. They take great interest in their learning, and enjoy extending it with projects and trips to their local museums. The girls appreciate that their lifestyle allows them to pursue their heartfelt passions. For Scarlett, this has been acting and theatre. Recently, she performed in the L.A. Opera’s Community Project and is currently working on Shrek the Musical. Carley’s passion is also ballet, and she most adorably devotes her heart and soul to the art.


When given a choice about how to use their time, Scarlett and Carley choose one of two options: to soak in new knowledge or to develop a new skill. Their self-directed creativity knows no bounds and results in some amazing endeavors. Not long ago, Scarlett had decided that she wanted to learn movie editing, and so she took a free workshop class at an Apple store. She downloaded the app “Clips” and went right to work. Now, Scarlett films and edits movies for her friends! Carley loves making crafts and putting her artsy brain to work. She takes lessons at Hideki Juku Arts Studio, where she constructs all kinds of unique cultured pieces.


Scarlett rejects the tired cliche about homeschool and social life! She says that in addition to more and better quality learning time, homeschooling allows her more time for intentional play and more time for engaging in meaningful relationships with friends. To that end, the Ray family started a hiking club for homeschoolers on Monday mornings. As Scarlett says, “Sometimes it can be hard to start a school week off on the right foot, and beginning a Monday with a hike out in nature with peers offers an extra boost.” The turnout, the view, and the conversations are so refreshing. Plus, it gives them a chance to observe leaves and plants for their nature journals.

The Ray sisters also have a world of discovery in their backyard. With a vegetable garden to tend and two chickens to care for, they stay busy outside. They are responsible for collecting eggs, feeding, cleaning, and monitoring the general health of the chickens. Learning has never been more dynamic in the Ray household!


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