Learner Spotlight: The Strawn Family


The Strawn family loves to learn! Owen (4th grade), Ryder (2nd grade), and Molly (kindergarten) are curious and love to explore and discover. The family enjoys taking field trips and participating in hands-on activities. The flexibility of homeschooling has allowed them to inspect the world around them, and then learn more about what they have discovered. Whether it is an animal, plant, or even a BUG, it never seems to get by their watchful eyes.


The arts are an important part of the homeschool day for the Strawn family. Owen, Ryder, and Molly all take piano lessons. Not only are they learning to play, but they are also learning to appreciate music. They enjoy learning different rhythms while studying famous composers. Knowing that learning is always more exciting when you get to create while you learn, their mom likes to incorporate art into their day. They use different mediums from crayons to watercolor crystals to create beautiful journals about what they’re learning in their different subjects.


The Strawn family greatly appreciates how homeschooling has allowed their children to grow in their love for learning and ability to ask questions about why. We love having them as a part of our iLEAD Exploration family.


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