Learner Spotlight: Thomas Maskow


iLEAD Exploration ninth-grader Thomas Maskow lives his life with PURPOSE. He has a passion for helping and working with animals, and wants to be a zoologist when he grows up. Someday, Thomas would like to help conserve habitats for animals and help endangered species (especially Amazon anteaters and pangolins) thrive.

Thomas volunteered at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach as a junior camp counselor. He worked closely with children and helped them to learn about environmental conservation. Thomas is not afraid to get his hands dirty in service of his goals. Part of his other duties at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center involved cleaning out the sea lion and seal cages, and helping to make fish popsicles!

It probably isn’t surprising to learn that Thomas loves to swim in the ocean and spend time with his brothers at the beach. He enjoys going on long hikes with his family, and is learning to play the saxophone in a rock band. Another interest of his includes reading, as Thomas is always in the middle of a good book. Thomas absolutely loves fencing and relishes challenging his opponents and achieving his goals. This busy young man also found time to volunteer at his local library for the summer reading program and also act as a buddy for special needs kiddos at a local weekly summer camp.



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