Learner Spotlight: Wyatt Stockstill

LS 5

Wyatt Stockstill is completing his first year with iLEAD Exploration as a TKer! It has been a great year for him! Wyatt has been learning so many exciting things. He is recognizing and writing letters, his name, shapes, counting, adding and subtracting. He has had fun exploring animals, places, other cultures and is even learning how to cook. Eggs Benedict and granola cups are a favorite!

Wyatt is also very active and athletic. He played on soccer and baseball teams this past year. He enjoys playing baseball with his dad, who also loves the sport and even played for a time on a professional team!

Wyatt is learning and growing at home with his parents and younger brother, Cooper. This summer Wyatt wants to improve his math skills, swim, and enjoy playing on his all-star baseball team!



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