360 Learning Studio


Exploration Studios is our welcoming, energetic, and joyfully noisy learning center where we learn, play and explore together.



360º STUDIOS Tuesdays & Thursdays – a program for TK-8th grade learners that involves participation in courses on a rotating schedule primarily in history, science and electives.  This program requires a year long commitment for participation and the learner’s instructional funds allocation is reduced to $500 / year.  For more information, click hereIf you would like to visit our program, please email the coordinator at: 360 Tours


Exploration Studios in Santa Ana:  657-231-8222
Our Exploration Studios are located at 902 S Broadway St, Santa Ana, CA 92701



Work At Home:
*Some courses need to be supplemented at home by the parent / guardian. Courses may include projects and independent research and require the support of the parents at home.

The Learner:
*Learners must be able to handle themselves respectfully in an environment with varied ages, personalities, and learning needs.
*When conflicts arise, learners must be willing to work through those conflicts and demonstrate the ability to grow.

Visitors and Learners:
* No children or visitors will be allowed at Exploration Studios if their behavior interferes with normal use of the learning studio/center. Examples include: (a) rowdiness, excessive noise, loitering, (b) offensive interpersonal behavior, (c) defacing or misusing materials, equipment, or property, (d) harassing learners or visitors or staff, (e) bullying learners, vendors, visitors or staff.
* Visiting children (siblings or friends), must supervised by parents / guardians at ALL times.

Vendor Courses:
* All vendor courses and study sessions have a fee that will be paid to the vendor.
* All vendor courses have a minimum number of students. Sessions with fewer than 3 students may be cancelled depending on the vendor.
* Depending on the vendor, some courses have a maximum number of allowed students.  Wait lists may be created for courses that are filled.

Concerns and Grievances:
* The iLEAD facilitators & vendor-facilitators that work with us are hard working and dedicated to providing great learning experiences for your learners. If a concern arises, the first line of communication should be directly with that vendor-facilitator or iLEAD facilitator. If after initiating and discussing the issue with the vendor / iLEAD facilitator, the parent feels the issue was not addressed, a care team member should be contacted. Finally if all those discussions have not resulted in a mutual compromise that is in accordance with school guidelines and procedures, you may contact a Lead Facilitator.