Obtaining a Work Permit


Is your learner planning on working this summer? Depending on the age of your student, a work permit may be required by the employer. A work permit is a legal document that allows a student to hold a job. Work permits are issued based on good academic standing and attendance. Learners are not allowed a work permit if they are on academic probation. If the employer asks for one, here are the steps to obtain an official work permit:

1) Download the B1-1 Form from the CDE website. Have the employer complete and sign the workplace information section.
2) Return the signed copy to your educational facilitator who will forward the form to the iLEAD registrar. The documented information will be verified.
3) Please include the home address where the final form should be mailed. The permit will be mailed within 2-3 business days.
4) Sign the permit and provide it to the employer.

Please note that the directors maintain the right to withdraw a work permit based on academic standing or violation of school policy. If you have any questions, email highschool@ileadexploration.org.


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