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Jul 27, 2020 @ 01:00

iLEAD Exploration Investment Teams


iLEAD Schools are always proud that the “i” in iLEAD represents “International, highlighting the commitment to developing global citizens. Well, that same commitment, complete with the requisite compassion and community, can be found in yet another great “i” word at iLEAD. There is also the “i” in the Investment Teams of iLEAD Exploration.

These unique teams, according to iLEAD Exploration Investment Teams Coordinator Amber Musick, are a vehicle for all the facilitators to invest in their families and communities in a focused, meaningful way. “Facilitators choose an area to concentrate on based on their interests, passions and skills,” said Musick.

Currently, iLEAD Exploration has 14 investment teams supporting the needs of their 3,000+ learners and their families. Although more teams are in development, all the facilitators at iLEAD Exploration focus on one area, such as Educator University, compliance, curriculum, field trips, high school, training, resources, testing, subscriptions, subject expert teachers, English learners, MAP assessments, communication and enrichment.

Each of these teams produces a multitude of services, events and products that encompass a diverse set of learner, family and community needs. For example, Educator University provides workshops and webinars for all iLEAD Exploration families in various regions as part of an extended community beyond their facilitator and assigned location. They host unique learner experiences, such as Touch Math. And then there is the Enrichment Team, which produces such important projects as the Parent Roundtable and the three-city Talent Show. The vital Monday Message is produced by the Communications Team.

In addition to meeting the needs of their communities, iLEAD Exploration also believes that the investment teams accomplish a great deal more.

“They are an avenue for our facilitators to connect and collaborate with one another,” said Musick. “They also create opportunities to collaborate with other learners and families.”

Musick suggested that these teams allow for facilitators to have a larger reach, ultimately creating more opportunities for all learners and the community. “Teams are focused, passionate and experienced, so that allows them to quickly respond to learner and family interests,” said Musick.

“Many times, learners and their families will share a need with a facilitator and the facilitator will say, ‘I know a team that can take that on,’” said Musick.

Ultimately, like all things iLEAD, this is really about learning. In their investment teams, facilitators are modeling for our learners and others the authentic and powerful benefits of shared leadership, collaboration and ownership.

“We are always reflecting and adapting,” said Musick. “These teams make all of us better and ultimately serve our learners and their families at a higher level.”


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