LS Emily Specht Feature

Emily is a sophomore in high school. She loves the flexibility and freedom she has with iLEAD Exploration. She is passionate about art and loves that she can use her art in every assignment. Homeschooling with iLEAD Exploration gives her more time to focus on her career as an artist. Emily also really enjoys the subjects she is learning in school, especially her English course. She will be writing her first novel, which she is very enthusiastic about!

Emily has many creative talents and interests such as photography, theatre, and being involved with worship at her church. She’s also a leader in the buddy program at church, where she takes care of a little boy with special needs. Emily’s heart for kids with special needs, along with her passion for art, inspired her to start a nonprofit organization called “Creative Minds,” and she is being supported by her church. Children with special needs can come and learn different mediums of art. They can then sell their art and earn money from their creations.

Emily’s friendly disposition and her love for others is evident in all she does.

“It’s funny, because at one point we were strangers, but somewhere in between the intense awkwardness and compelling fondness, we found friendship.” – Emily Specht



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