Learner Spotlight: Emma & Ellie


The Sousa sisters (say that five times fast!) are accomplished gymnasts. Ellie (10th grade) competes in trampoline and Emma (7th grade) competes in artistic gymnastics. Together they compete in acrobatics. Ellie is a national champion on trampoline. Her routines look absolutely terrifying as she flies 20 feet in the air while executing 10 skills between each jump. Emma is a regional champion on floor and vault. Her flexibility and agility makes you wonder if the body is really supposed to bend that way. Together Emma, Ellie, and a third teammate compete in acrobatics where Emma is routinely flung up in the air. The talent, trust, and confidence they have in each other is remarkable. Success in gymnastics requires dedicated athletes who are willing to put the time into their sport.

Homeschooling has allowed Ellie and Emma to balance school and practice dedicating 20 and 30 hours, respectively, per week to the gym. When they are not training and studying, Ellie and Emma enjoy horseback riding, shopping, and going to the beach. Although these talented athletes are serious about their sport and school, they are also really sweet, kind, and funny. The sky is the limit for the Sousa sisters!



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