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Aug 23, 2020 @ 01:00

Learner Spotlight: Kallie & Dodge


Kallie (5th grade) and Dodge (3rd grade) Olson are beginning their third year of homeschooling with iLEAD Exploration. As a family they especially enjoy studying history. They both love the outdoors and camping. Some of their favorite science units have been completed in our beautiful national parks.

Kallie loves that homeschooling allows her an opportunity to read as much as she wants. This summer, her favorite book that she read was “Rascal” by Sterling North. Kallie’s love for reading has spilled over into an enjoyment of creative writing and studying new languages. One day, Kallie hopes to become a veterinarian for large animals. She was able to attend a week of horse camp this summer where she learned about horse behaviors and training. Kallie also enjoys sewing. She made a dress, shirt, multiple bags, and mended several shirts and suit jackets for her great-grandfather this past year.

Dodge’s favorite subjects have always been math and PE. He participates in soccer, karate, biking, swimming, skateboarding and hiking. Last year, Dodge advanced two belt levels in karate. In his free time, he enjoys playing games like Monopoly, Life, and Yahtzee! The outdoors are very important to Dodge. During hikes, he has observed bird nests, local snakes and lizards, a grey fox in King’s Canyon, and a beaver in Wyoming. He also loves LEGOs, robotics, wood crafts, and building giant forts. He is not exactly sure what he wants to be when he grows up but for now a civil engineer, park ranger, or even a chef are all possibilities.



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