Learner Spotlight: Olivia Armstrong

Olivia Armstrong 2

iLEAD Exploration learner Olivia Armstrong has been homeschooled for about six years. She started with early preschool curriculum at two and a half years old and is currently working on completing 3rd grade at age 8. The family was drawn to homeschooling because it enables them to provide one-on-one, focused instruction for Olivia in all her subjects, to customize her curriculum, and to empower her advance at her own pace.

Olivia loves to dance. She dances competitively throughout the year with the dance company Project 21. She spends 16-20 hours or more per week dancing in various styles, including ballet, jazz, ballroom, contemporary, musical theatre, and more. Some of Olivia‘s favorite things about dancing include attending conventions and master classes, learning from her teachers at Project 21, and working hard alongside her friends. Olivia also really enjoys being an ambassador for the dance wear brand Tiger Friday. As a TIGERCUB, she has had the opportunity to meet so many amazingly talented dancers from around the country and to learn from teachers she may not have otherwise had the opportunity to take class with.

With a very demanding schedule, Olivia has learned to “put first things first” by prioritizing her tasks, creating routines, being consistent in her work ethic, and establishing and focusing on what needs to be accomplished day by day in order to get everything done and meet her goals.

Most importantly, Olivia has learned to continually put in the required work each day and do what’s needed, even at times when she doesn’t feel like doing it. Olivia embodies the idea of grit by balancing a full schedule with all of her work for school and dance, especially at times when things don’t go as planned or when additional tasks are added unexpectedly.

Olivia particularly enjoys reading and writing, as well as learning about other countries and cultures. Olivia began reading the Harry Potter series this past fall. She is learning French, and in January she started working on 4th grade language arts and science. In addition to dance, Olivia also likes to draw, paint, and craft. She loves her two chihuahuas and all things Disney. Olivia is responsible for a backyard kitchen garden, where she grows many things throughout the year, from kale and lettuce to broccoli and tomatoes. She is also learning how to cook and bake and was able to help prepare food for the whole family at Christmas.



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